I was 15 when I was first introduced to the world of tennis. Till date, I cannot put into words how it changed my life, but to put it simply, it gave me a new life. It is a queer feeling, the more you try to explain it, the more you realise it is unexplainable. It shows you how important hard work is in life.

I have worked as a writer for Essentially Sports and currently am a writing intern at Sportskeeda and team manager for Troll Tennis website.

After following tennis, I realised a change in my attitude towards everything. It was inculcated into my life seamlessly. Nobody forced it into me, and now, nobody can force it out of me. It is an integral part of me.

If you want to live life, my friends, pick up a sport and get on with it. Get into every minuscule detail of it and follow it with all passion. I write all this because I have experienced this singular feeling myself. Trust me, life will be more meaningful and an exciting journey.

Sports in life, is life.

 Oh, by the way, my name is Amogh Jain. 😉


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