Feel the moment: Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal !

The stage is set. The two of the greatest names in tennis, perhaps the greatest names in tennis, will share the locker room tomorrow one more time.

The two will enter the tunnel which finishes at the court. They will look at one another and for a moment love to see the opponent. They too have missed these matches. They too have missed this rivalry. They too have missed each other.

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Image Courtesy : http://www.usatoday.com

And then like always, they will give a slight smile and move towards the battle field. They will remind themselves why they love this sport. They will remind themselves that they are here to compete.

The anchor will announce Rafa’s name and a huge roar will fill the stadium as the Spaniard marches into the arena. He will wave to the crowd and give his honest smile in reward to their support.


The fans will again be filled with anticipation. It is now turn for the maestro. The anchor, smiling, will announce his name. ” Please welcome, Roger Federer ! “.

With the crowd going absolutely berserk, the great man enters and waves to the crowd. He looks up and smiles, treasuring the moment.

Image Courtesy: www.perfect-tennis.com
Image Courtesy: http://www.perfect-tennis.com

He makes his way to the seat.

Both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in one frame again. The fans can’t believe it. A few of them start crying. Maybe Roger and Rafa can’t believe it too but they are here to add another chapter to this most revered rivalry.

Roger makes his way to the middle of the court, shaking hands with the umpire. They wait for Rafa to come for coin toss. As Rafa sets his bottles at just the perfect place, Roger is feeling like he has seen this somewhere before.

Rafa is ready and comes for the toss. The toss takes place and the two share glances with each other. The umpire asks them to come closer for a photograph.

They smile and put hands over each other’s shoulders like greatest of friends. They too had missed this touch of love and respect. They look at each other, wish luck and then like the vintage Roger and Rafa…The Swiss glides back to the baseline as Rafa jumps and sprints his way to his corner.

They turn around and look at the other side of the court. It is time for Roger Vs Rafa.


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