Final’s Day in Cincinnati ! Roger Federer Vs Novak Djokovic !

It is the last day of the tournament and the most important day as well. Today is the day, when the battle will take place. Today is the day, when all week’s work will be rewarded. Today is the day, when the champion will be crowned.

Novak Djokovic Vs Roger Federer

Undoubtedly, the two best players in the world judging on current form. Both the players have an extra reward, an extra motivation for this final. For Novak, it is an opportunity to create history. Novak has the opportunity to do something no other player in the world has ever done, that is, to have a career golden masters. A career golden masters implies the player has won all the nine masters tournament in his career, a feat, even the legendary Roger has not yet achieved. The only masters tournament missing from Novak’s collection is The Western and Southern Open. Can he do it? Can he overcome his fears, his vulnerabilities ? Can the world number 1 also be the number one player to achieve this feat ?

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Roger Federer. A win today will take Roger back to the second spot. For some fans this might not be as exciting as a career golden slam. That’s right. But a number two ranking would mean, at the U.S. Open, Roger and Novak will be in different halves of the draw, potentially setting up another mouth-watering clash between the two in the finals. This is not all. A win today, will extend Roger’s record of holding the trophy at this crucial tournament maximum number of times from six to seven. And don’t forget, Roger is the defending champion !

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So with players of such high excellence, and with an extra urge to win, this match promises to be an incredible spectacle. Pick your spot and fix your eyes on the television, as what we are going to witness in a few hours, is mesmerising tennis !


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