Happy Birthday Roger Federer !

A small kid in Switzerland had a dream of playing like his idols at the grandest stage of all, Wimbledon. Today, those idols stand in owe applauding this man’s excellence.


Each fan has his/her own story of how he/she loves Federer and why. We all have experienced those magical moments and expressed our amazement in strangest forms ever known. As one of the commentators said,

These are times, as you watch the young Swiss play, when the jaw drops and eyes protrude and sounds are made that bring spouses in from other rooms to see if you’re O.K.

There are times when you are just so amazed, so shocked that you cannot move. Your hands, your legs refuse your commands. They do not believe in you anymore. They were told for years that this is an impossible shot, but they just witnessed a guy named Roger Federer hit that shot. Your body does not believe in what you say anymore.

Roger can hit shots with impossible angles. Roger can hit shots with insane accuracy. Roger can hit shots with mesmerizing technique. The shots look even more daunting if you have played enough tennis to understand how tough that shot is.

Watching Roger play is like a religious experience. You give yourself to this man and he takes you to a place where everything is simple and still feels like a miracle…

I have been a part of this experience for more than half a decade which makes it even more difficult to express my emotions. The more you try to explain, the more you realise it is inexplicable. The best I can do is say :

Let’s go Federer, let’s go !!!

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