Sports in life, is life !

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Sport is a rollercoaster journey

If you ever played a sport or followed it with utmost love,  you will relate with this article and love it.

Sports these days is omnipresent. From baby boomers to teenagers , everyone is a part of this beautiful activity. Many parents want their children to take up sport as a profession. There are many reasons which attract people to sports.

Sport is one of the only few activities today which remain untainted by commercialisation. Yes, there are advertisements, sponsors, t-shirts, shirts etc,but all these peripherals fail to take away the passion of the game when the match starts.

Once the heat of the battle is turned on, the core value of sport, which is love for competition, prevails. The notion of winning connects with the spectators, pulling them into the match. They are taken away from their routine lives into a different world altogether. They are not spectators anymore, they are the player and the team and the coach. They are the sport.

Experiencing one match is like experiencing one life. There will be ups and there will be downs. There will be support and there will be solitude. You might be one step away from winning or might be on the brink of losing. You might be crowned as the champion or you might have to try again next year. But what truly matches life with sports is the attitude, the outlook, the mindset. You must bounce back from defeat every single time and with greater power than before.

For the love of tennis

I write all this because I have experienced this singular feeling myself. I was 15 when I was first introduced to the world of tennis. Till date, I cannot put into words how it changed my life, but to put it simply, it gave me a new life. It is a queer feeling, the more you try to explain it, the more you realise it is unexplainable. It shows you how important hard work is in life.

As it is rightly said “hard work beats talent, when talent stops working hard”.

After following tennis, I realised a change in my attitude towards everything. It was inculcated into my life seamlessly. Nobody forced it into me, and now, nobody can force it out of me. It is an integral part of me.

Sports will make you a better person. Every time you fail, you will come back again, ready for more. The world will salute your endurance. Yes, you will fail. You will fail a lot. Even if you give it your best you might not succeed. However, every time you fail, you will come back and this time your best will be a bit more than your previous best. So rather than defeating you, your failures will promote you. This is why sports and life are inseparable.

Your focus and your concentration will improve by leaps and bounds.  Your day-to-day activities will be more productive. Playing sports is like meditation. You are in a meditative mode, where your physical and mental abilities are working on an optimal level. When you play sports, you realise what you are capable of. You experience the power that you contain inside of yourself. You are released into a different world, where your belief transcends every obstacle and barrier. Sports make you realise, that the power that is within you is greater than any power that may come against you.

If you want to live life, my friends, pick up a sport and get on with it. Get into every minuscule detail of it and follow it with all passion. Trust me, life will be more meaningful and an exciting journey.

Sports in life, is life.



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