Day-5 of The Championships,2015

Wimbledon Wimbledon!!!

Oh my God!


Serena Williams Vs Heather Watson! What a match! A battle! A battle of the nerves, a battle of mental discipline, a battle of who wants it more ! Match of the year for sure!


The young lady had the heart to believe she can beat a 20 time Grand slam champion! She came soooooo close, just one more point and she would have won. Heather Watson is my new favourite in WTA for sure!


She lost, but went off the court with a smile. Is than even possible?! She gave it her all, she played incredible tennis, she fought like a champion, she did everything she could and still came out second best and then she walks off the court with a smile! What a person!


( Serena, you are the greatest female tennis player ever. I respect you a lot. Well played and congratulations. You are a true champion.)


This only happens at Wimbledon!!!

It’s more than just a game…


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