Tennis is life…

Ready? Play.

I was fooled by the world. They said life is too complex to be put in words. I was caught up in this illusion too but one special something pulled me out of it forever. I can now define life in just one word. Tennis.

I was told life had ups and downs, I advised them to play tennis.
I was told life will be a lonely walk, I advised them to play tennis.

They said life will throw some tough close calls, you don’t know it yet, I asked them to return the ball when it dances off the net

They said love hurts, it will only hurt, as long as you live, I asked them to bagel a set and experience the joy love gives

They said life will break you down, it will bring you to your knees, I told them it was just one break, just one break you need

They kept on saying things about life, I do respect them all, but I don’t think I will be fooled again, life is tennis after all.

Game.Set.Match.Heart ->Tennis.

If these words resonate within you, if you connect with them, then welcome to myworldoftennis.

This is my first post, and I am a bit nervous. I am no expert in tennis but I love it and live it. I will share with you everything from latest updates to the great old traditions of The Championships,Wimbledon. My ambition is to build a tennis family, where love for tennis supersedes everything else. I hope you will press that follow button and be a member of our family.

All suggestions are welcome.


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